Hiking in Dominica

Hiking in Dominica, explore Dominica on foot…

Hike in the heart of Dominica with its many hiking trails.

Dominica is a beautiful island with so much to do. Ti Nath Kanion, will take you hiking through the rainforest, along the short or long hiking trails of Dominica.

Boiling Lake and Valley of Desolation :  mud pool, hot springs, steaming vents, scenic view, bath in hot water pools. You’ll get to experience the island’s stunning cloud forest. 

Hiking in Dominica 

Soufrière / Galleon / Scott head ; panoramic views on the Atlantic ocean and Caribbean sea, fishing village …

Waitukubuli National Trail ; different sections possible according to the level (easy to challenging)

And all the other hikes of the island…

So come on down to Dominica and explore all that this island has to offer !

Hiking in Dominica

Boiling Lake,
The Valley of Desolation

National Park and Unesco World Heritage Site.

The second largest lake in the world, Boiling Lake is the boiling point of the earth’s crust from a volcano in the Valley of Desolation


“Hiking in Dominica, to Boiling Lake”

Hiking to Boiling Lake is one of the best experiences in Dominica, but it’s oslo one of the challenging hikes.

It’s a round trip where we walk throug exuberant tropical vegetation tree ferns, huge trees…with as background music the birds of the rain forest with scenic views of the surrounding mountains.

The view emerges and  vegetation changes when we reach the top of the Valley of smoke everywhere, the colors are amazing.

We descend, the earth seems to be alive, water boils and smoke everywhere, the colors are amazing.


“A Bath in Natural Saunas”

A bath in natural saunas, before discovering the largest boiling lake in the world where the water temperature is around 80°c.

Along the hike,  I provide you information about the local flora and wildlife we’ll find along the trail. 

Explore the largest lake in the world and enjoy an unforgettable hike !

Hiking in Dominica, Boiling Lake

Explore Dominica
by foot

Hiking in Dominica 

with many easy to advanced level trails that allow the hiker to get out and enjoy the Nature Island and its many wonders, perfect for nature lovers and hikers.

"Explore Dominica by foot, on ropes and in water"

Hiking in Dominica, Boiling Lake

My job is my hobby...and I love it !
See you soon for amazing time on the green Island

Ti Nath Kanion, reserves the right to cancel or change activities for safety reasons

Hiking in Dominica, Desolation Valley

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